About Me

‘Work should feel like play’ is the belief that led me to focus on creating content for thought leaders and entrepreneurs who understand the value of content marketing and need help filling their content gap. 020_C McLean_HR

For the past 12 years, I’ve chosen my own clients with brands and messages I believe in. Many clients I’ve worked with improve peoples’ quality of life in a meaningful way. When I believe in a brand there’s nothing I love more than creating content so others grow to love it too.

My absolute passion for content creation is driven by the need for the infinite amount of content that fuels digital marketing – social media, websites, blogs, emails, e-newsletters, eBooks and more.

I believe content marketing is the key to the new sales funnel because it educates your market and builds a long-term relationship that converts to loyal customers.

I am a big fan of re-purposing content because it only takes one story to help build your email database, boost your search engine rankings, stay in touch with your current customers, woo your prospects and fast-track your sales process.

I am also a massive fan of email marketing and believe a business’s email list is worth GOLD. Everything I do is designed to help my clients build, engage, convert and retain their email list of highly qualified leads.

For over 20 years, I’ve strived to find the secret to effective marketing and I’ve found there’s no silver bullet or short-term marketing fix.

You have to make an ongoing commitment to regularly doing multiple marketing activities simultaneously with patience and persistence. That’s the secret and consistent content marketing is the key.

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