About Me

My ‘why’ is to inspire others to care about where our rubbish goes for the wellbeing of future generations so we leave a profit instead of problems for our planet.

‘Work should feel like play’ is the belief that led me to freelance as a Marketing and PR consultant for entrepreneurs who understand the020_C McLean_HR value of marketing and whose products and services improve peoples’ lives in a meaningful way. For the past 12 years, I’ve chosen my own clients with brands and messages I believe in.

Since 1997 I’ve tried to find the secret to effective marketing and I’ve realised there’s no silver bullet or short-term marketing fix. You need to make an ongoing commitment to regularly doing multiple marketing activities simultaneously with patience and persistence.

Growing your sales today means building relationships with your target audience via social media, emails, e-newsletters, media publicity, free reports, eBooks and more. To engage your audience, you must be crystal clear about who your target market is and what they care about.

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