Creating Powerful Publicity in Australia

The nature of publicity:

  • Promote the new idea or concept you are pioneering, not your business
  • Editorial publicity has more value and credibility than any advertising
  • You can’t control the content, timing or visual appearance of your message
  • There are never any guarantees
  • Luck = preparation meeting opportunity

The power of publicity:

  • Editorial has credibility because it is a third party endorsement, a form of word of mouth
  • It is perceived as unbiased because the source has no vested interest
  • People are more likely to take notice of editorials than advertisements
  • It is free and so valuable – it is priceless
  • If you get one favourable story published or broadcast, you can use it endlessly in article reprints, direct mail and in PR efforts with other media
  • Gives you the widest exposure for the fewest bucks
  • Lets you tell your story in greater depth

How to get publicity:

  • Create great hooks – something new, different and exciting to talk about
  • Educate people about things that matter to them
  • Piggyback on stories about big picture news and issues, and get a free ride
  • Be on a mission to share something with the world
  • Be a specialist on a subject you can speak intelligently and compassionately about

Word of mouth tools:

  • You can use editorials in many ways as ongoing marketing tools
  • You should get your editorials copied, scanned, mounted & re-printed
  • You can circulate them via your website, newsletter, flyer, email outs, etc.

Recommended reading:

1. ‘The Fall of Advertising & The Rise of PR’ – by Al & Laura Ries (
2. ‘Guerrilla Publicity’ – Jay Conrad Levinson, Rick Frishman & Jill Lublin (
3. ‘The Secrets of Word-of-Mouth Marketing’ – George Silverman

2 thoughts on “Creating Powerful Publicity in Australia

  1. I have self published three thrillers and another is ready for publication.
    I have sold between 5000 and 5500 of the three in total without publicity and marketing but want to go further.
    I have a publicist and a script writer who believe in the stories but they are targetting television and so far it hasn’t happened.
    Even with the descriptions on your web page, I am not exactly sure what you can do. I need to know what costs are involved and what I need to do.
    If you are not interested, I understand, and no reply is necessary.
    I am willing to send you copies of the three current books.
    Lawrence Clarke.

  2. Hi Lawrence

    Thank you for your comment on my blog about promoting your thriller books.

    My focus is on non-fiction books to do with self-help and healthy lifestyle, however I have just published some great publicity tips for authors on my blog today at and there is a full interview with lots of free tips just up at

    I hope this information helps you and wish you all the very best with your books.

    Warm regards

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