Key #3 – Email is Central to Content Marketing

Your email list is your pot of gold and essential to the new sales funnel. I believe it’s crucial to the success of your business and have blogged about it many times before. Email marketing is a powerful way to develop a relationship with your target market and help you attract new clients authentically. email marketing, remarketing, content marketing

BE AWARE of the risk of relying on Facebook. If Facebook owns and controls how you reach your audience then you need another channel that you own and control.

Growing your email list is a marketer’s number one priority because it’s the foundation of every marketing activity and allows you to build relationships with your target market that will eventually convert into sales.

You can build your email list by enticing your market to give you their name and email address (as well as other relevant details) in exchange for your valuable content. This valuable resource could be a list, eBook or free report, for instance. Give real value to build the love.

Use a landing page on your website to tell people all about the content gift you’re offering them and collect their contact details via an opt-in form that automatically adds people to your email database in a great email marketing platform like Mail Chimp, for instance.

When you add a new person to your email list in exchange for your content gift, the next step is to send a series of planned emails to draw their attention to the information you’ve given them. You can automate the sending of your emails with user-friendly programs like Mail Chimp so all you have to do is write your emails and schedule when you want to send them.

Ask people to do something simple in your emails – like clicking on a link to watch a video. This encourages your market to be active and engage with you. If your prospects get used to taking action with you, it makes the next step – spending money with you – feel more natural for them.

Give a second chance to join your list by adding a remarketing pixel to your website so if someone doesn’t give you their details the first time they visit then they’ll see you again next time they’re online. This repeat exposure gives you another chance to get them back to your website and onto your email list…. which is always your goal!

Remarketing is an important strategy to increase your opt-in rate. On average, 10 to 30% of people who visit your website will give you their name and email address. The other 70 to 90% could be lost, never to return again…. Unless they see an ad in their Newsfeed while they’re on Facebook with a link back to your opt-in page – in which case, research shows you can increase your opt-in rate to over 60% instead of the usual 10 to 30%. To learn more about how Facebook remarketing works to grow your email list, I highly recommend you contact Kerry Fitzgibbon at Social Media Plus One.

Email is the number one way most people want businesses to communicate with them. This is according to recent research of 2,057 adults in the USA by Marketing Sherpa. 18 to 34 year olds also want businesses to reach them via text messages, social media, mobile apps and online content videos.

Digital marketers predict online video will be the next king of content marketing and one survey claims video will cover almost 90% of all online traffic by 2018… This is a big reason to get your marketing videos ready now and that’s what I’ll be talking about next blog post.

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