How to mention your book in an interview

For years I have followed tips from US book publicist Rick Frishman, co-author of Author 101 – Bestselling Book Publicity. He really is the guru on book promotion and has represented authors such as Stephen King and Mitch Albom. Rick believes that in an interview, authors should never begin an answer with ‘In my book…’ So I’ve been searching for creative ways for authors to mention their books when talking to the media.

Flipping through Jacqueline Deval’s book, simply called Publicize Your Book! (yes, from the title you can tell it’s another book from the USA!), I found a long list of clever ways authors can mention their book without saying “In My Book…”. Here they are:

“What I learned while I was researching my book was…”

“It was so interesting when I was working on my book to discover that…”

“People told me when I was working on my book that…”

“When I started the book I thought that… But instead I found that…”

“What I think people will really learn from my book is that…”

“It was important for me to write this book because…”

You can order Jacqueline Deval’s book from her website if you click here.

Stay posted here for more tips on how to handle a media interview.

Chelsea McLean

The Book Publicist

One thought on “How to mention your book in an interview

  1. Yes, those are some nice tips. I recently published a book, and I’m trying to devise creative ways of mentioning it without coming across as some shameless self-promoter, but somebody’s got to do it; so it might as well be me.

    Occasionally, when I respond to an article or blog, or whatever, I’ll just focus on my expertise (management, baby!) without directly mentioning the book, but with hundreds of blurbs like this floating around from me, maybe I’m getting recognized in the business world; or maybe not.

    Hmm. I won’t mention the title, but I’ll send you to the website instead; a much more inobtrusive approach to shamelessly self-promoting my masterpiece:

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