How to prepare for an interview

Recently in this blog I talked about how to mention your book in an interview. There are a whole host of tricks and tips that can help authors prepare for media interviews – for print, radio and TV, whether over the phone or in person. Here are some of the best I have found:

Before an interview

Be familiar with the show – tune in before the interview if you can

Be on a mission to share something with the world

Know the audience listens with WIIFM (What’s In It For Me)

Understand you are there to teach – and the more you teach, the more the audience will want to buy your book

Teach the audience at least three things that will change their life today

Ask the interviewer if they will give your website address or if it’s okay for you to give it at the end of the radio or TV interview

During the interview

Smile – even over the phone – you can hear it in your voice

Just be yourself and do your best

Always give your best information first – work it into the conversation in case you don’t get the chance later on

Always stay focussed on your message you want to get across – don’t get side tracked

Mention the title of your book – it is okay to slip it in during interviews 

Give tips from the book

Always agree with the interviewer

Avoid industry jargon – use simple, easy to understand information

Use humour only if you absolutely feel confident

Speak at the pace of the interviewer

To end the interview:

Tell the audience where they can purchase your book

Give your website address or let the host do it for you – tell the audience they can get FREE information – tips, recipes, information, reports – on your website to get them to go there

When they get to your website, include links to buy your book. 

After the interview:

If pre-recorded, ask when the interview will be aired

Get a testimonial if you can – write down what the interviewer/producer says about you

Tell all your contacts when the show is being aired so they can tune in

Some of these tips were reprinted from “Rick Frishman’s Author 101 Newsletter” Go here to receive Rick’s “Million Dollar Rolodex” free – featuring 45 pages of contacts and resources for book publishing and publicity the USA.

Stay tuned here for more interview tips specifically for radio and TV interviews in Australia.

Yours in book publicity

Chelsea McLean

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