Key #6 – Integrate Your Content with SEO Strategy

Google loves new content. Consistently creating content on your website, blog and other online assets is essential to optimising for search engines.

Content Marketing and SEO StrategyFinding Your Keywords

Research your keywords to find the most popular words and phrases people are searching for then include them in your content like your FAQs, how-to articles, explainer videos, etc.

For effective SEO, your content should target keywords that are aligned to your niche and not too competitive. This gives you a better chance of attracting backlinks and making your way up the search rankings.

Using Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are multiple-word phrases about your product or service that your market types into search engines when they’re looking for information related to what you offer. Long tail keywords are usually up to seven words long and can be questions or positive/negative phrases. Long tail keywords are even more important today because voice searches from mobiles contain more words than text-based searches.

The Bottom Line with SEO

Always write for your customers first, not for Google. Answering your audience’s questions and writing to appeal to them is always better than stuffing your target keywords into your content.

Optimising Videos for SEO

When uploading video to your website or You Tube, add your keywords to your video title, description and tags. Write a catchy video title and a short, detailed description of your video. The key is finding out what keywords your market would type in if they were searching for your topic. It could pay to do some research and ask your customers and prospects first.

Using Video Transcripts

Adding a written transcript of your videos to your website is beneficial for anyone who prefers reading text over watching videos. It also helps with your website SEO because your video will be full of relevant keywords you can include on your site to boost your rankings.

You can also re-purpose your video transcripts into other content marketing tools and that’s what I’ll focus on next blog.

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