Key #10 – Find Your Strategic Brand Partners

A brilliant way to influence your audience today is what author Andrew M. Davis calls Brandscaping – that is – seeking out strategic partners to piggyback on other brands that are already reaching your market. Brandscaping defined

Davis explains:

“It’s not about becoming a publisher in your own right because you don’t have to do all that work… The solution is to partner with authentic, successful, content creators who your audience already trusts.”

Here’s how:

1/  Find brand partners who also value your opt-in audience.

2/  Share resources like your expertise and budget with other brands that value the same prospects and customers as you do.

3/  Make your marketing dollars go further and get a better return on investment.

For instance:

  • Singers reach new audiences by doing duets and collaborating with artists who already have their target market.
  • When Australian entrepreneur Joe Cross made the documentary ‘Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead’, he asked Breville for a juicer to use for a 60-day juice fast. Breville had never seen such a high demand for its juicers after the film launched to Netflix’s 24 million subscribers.

Who could you partner with who already owns your audience to reach your market?

What products or services do your customers buy before they have a need for yours?

What value can you offer your prospective brand partners?

“What can you do to demonstrate the power of your audience?” Davis asks. “Choose your top prospective brand partners and consider whether your audience would embrace their content. If you find some great content, ask your prospective brand partner if you can distribute it to your audience. If this has a positive impact for the other brand then perhaps you have found yourself a new brand partner. If not, try again.”

Which brands could you see yourself partnering with?

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