Key #9 – Use Marketing Automation Tools

An overwhelming number of marketing automation tools exists today to help you streamline and measure your social media marketing. Although it can be tricky to choose which tools are right for your business – discovering this could significantly reduce the time and money it takes to make a sale. Marketing Automation Tools

Marketing authority Jeff Bullas says automating your content distribution is so important today because:

1/ Automation tools save time. Sometimes content marketing is neglected altogether because it’s time consuming and results aren’t instant. But persistence is vitally important to build relationships and trust over time with your audience.

2/ Analytics and technology are part of marketing today (the science) and now go hand-in-hand with the creative side of content creation (the art form).

3/ Technology is required for mandatory metrics like clicks, opt-ins and “earnings per click” to measure results from social media campaigns, email marketing, blogs, SEO, Facebook Ads, Google AdWords and more.

A CMO report said marketing and technology and so interdependent now that almost all marketers surveyed were looking to implement marketing automation or data management in the next 12 months as they came to terms with the increasingly complex marketing landscape.

It says: “98 percent of survey respondents saw the current role of marketing as highly complex, and expected the interdependency between technology and marketing to increase in the next three years. 83 percent described the role of marketing as challenging, and 15 percent labelled it ‘rocket science’.”

Some marketers believe automating their social media updates takes the ‘social’ out of social media. The truth is the ‘social’ is in the conversations your posts begin.

Choosing the right marketing automation tools for your business can be a minefield because there are literally hundreds if not thousands of them and they are each slightly different. The Marketing Automation Insider website helps suggest the best tools for your business and compares global market leaders which could be helpful.

Here’s an overview of some of the most popular marketing automation software products out there:

  • Popular tools for optimising online marketing include Infusionsoft, Ontraport, Marketo, Wishpond, Squawkbox, Zoho and Hub Spot which integrate and streamline your email marketing, landing pages and CRM.
  • Hootsuite, SocialOomph, and Buffer are popular tools that integrate with several social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Word Press so you can schedule posts and measure your results all in one place.
  • Post Planner helps you find trending content on Facebook and automate publishing to your Facebook page.
  • Mail Chimp, Campaign Monitor, AWeber and iContact are some of the most popular email marketing programs to manage your email lists and send targeted emails.
  • ShortStack is a toolbox for building tabs for your Facebook page so you can customise your tabs and widgets to encourage your audience to interact with your business.
  • Shuttlerock lets you collect, moderate and publish curated content from your brand advocates and fans.

And there are literally hundreds more marketing software products to choose from.

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