Key #8 – Know Which Social Media to Use

After sharing my top 7 keys to clever content creation on my blog, I’ve added 3 more to create 10 Keys to Cracking Content Creation: social media and content marketing strategy

  • Know Which Social Media To Use,
  • Use Marketing Automation Tools, and
  • Measure Your Content ROI.

Social media posts are the most common type of content created by marketers. When you create a calendar or series of branded posts, you can re-post them at scheduled times throughout the year so you’re not creating all the content you need from scratch every month.

How Do You Choose the Right Channels?

Building relationships and creating your community depends on choosing the right channels.

Creating your content marketing strategy means considering WHO you’re talking to and HOW they want to communicate with you.

Here’s a summary I created of 8 top social media platforms in Australia and how you can use them to reach your market:

Social Media Comparison for Australian businesses

Social media channel Popularity What it’s for Who uses it (globally) Summary
Facebook 15 million unique Australian users Like a 2nd Internet and 2nd most visited website globally – Biggest social platform Most aged 18-55 with widest age range of all social media 13-55+ I like golf
YouTube 13.9 million unique Australian visitors Video sharing and hosting, 300 hours of video uploaded / minute Ages very similar to Facebook with a slight male skew because males watch more gaming videos – but generally 50% female & 50% male Here I am playing golf
Instagram 5 million monthly active Australian users Sharing photos and short (15 second) videos, content can only be uploaded via mobile devices 90% of users are under 35 with 68% female & 32% male Here’s a photo of this amazing golf course
LinkedIn 3.7 million unique Australian visitors Business networking site, for B2B business to business marketing 79% of users are over 35 and 35% are business decision makers with 31% in senior positions My skills include playing golf
Twitter 2.8 million approximate active Australian users Micro-blogging, limits posts to 140 characters, includes photos and videos, # sorts information, engages in real time Mostly males under 35 I’m playing #golf
TripAdvisor 2.1 million unique Australian visitors World’s largest travel website, hosts 200million+ reviews for 3.7million businesses globally Travellers of all ages – Mostly aged 45 to 70 in USA How did others enjoy their game of golf?
Pinterest 320,000 unique Australian visitors Visuals, lifestyle, discovery, aspirational, mainly for cooking, crafts, décor, fashion & health 80% females & 20% males, 20% women online use Pinterest and most users are 25 to 45, affluent and educated Here’s some golf apparel
Google Plus 60,000 approximate monthly active Australian users Building circles for brands, businesses and individuals, creating communities with similar interests, people spend much less time on Google+ compared with other social media Nearly 70% are male – mostly well-educated, tech-savvy males, with a growing 45 to 54 year age group Join my golfing circle
Source: Social Media Statistics Australia Source: Leverage New Age Media, Trip Advisor Sources: Australian Social Media Cheat Sheet, Jetscram Age Demographics, Digiday You Tube, Trip Advisor, Google+

More than 99% of Australians surveyed by Sensis in 2015 use the Internet and the majority read online reviews or blogs. Of the 68% who use social networking sites, 93% are on Facebook an average of 31 times a week for 17.5 minutes at a time.

You can see why using social media in your content marketing is so important. But how can you post effectively with time and budget efficiency? I’ll tell you in my next blog post.

Tell me below – what was your biggest takeaway from this?

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