Key #5 – Mobile-Friendly Content is a Must

In 2016, mobile searches will outnumber desktop and laptop searches following the tipping point in 2015, says eMarketer. Research shows most marketers need to catch up by creating more mobile-friendly content. Mobile-friendly content creation

How mobile-friendly is your website?

There’s a simple check you can do to see if your website is mobile friendly on this website. Google wants your website to be as mobile-friendly as possible, so they published a guide for giving your website visitors a better mobile experience that you can see here.

The use of space to highlight important elements on your web page is really important for mobile marketing. Creating mobile-only deals and promotions is also a new way of selling on your website via mobiles.

How Google-friendly is your business?

The increasing number of online searches from mobile devices is having a major impact on local businesses, especially retail stores and hospitality venues such as restaurants, cafes, and hotels. 50% of consumers visit a retail store within a day of searching on a smartphone, according to Google. If you’re in retail, customising your search appearance on Google and completing the full description of products, services, images, videos and social reviews should be your highest priority.

Did you know – you can change how Google displays your brand in the box that shows up on the right-hand side of a Google search? This is your brand’s ‘Knowledge Graph’ panel and it’s also your brand’s first impression. The branding elements you can customise for Google’s ‘Knowledge Graph’ panel include your logo, contact details and social profiles. A web developer can do this by adding structured data mark-up to your website.

How mobile-friendly are your SEO keywords?

When we use voice search from our mobiles, we say more words than we would type into a search engine. This makes long-tail keywords now even more important for SEO.

Think about how you’d type keywords, for example “Health Food Store”, into a search bar – whereas with voice search you’d say “Where is the nearest Health Food Store?”

Next blog I’ll look at how you can integrate your content with your SEO strategy.

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2 thoughts on “Key #5 – Mobile-Friendly Content is a Must

  1. Hi Chelsea,

    The knowledge graph panel is pretty neat! I really like that a lot when I search for something, I feel like I get my own little index card with information on it. I agree that SEO is super important in getting the information seen and ranked.

    Great article!


  2. Hi Lillian, thanks for your feedback – I love your blog and it was really inspiring to see how you help people with really practical tips and advice. I had a play with my eBook design in Canva and have decided to pay a graphic artist to present it for me. I’m targeting a professional market including men and my design skills are very limited. It was terrific advice though – keep up your great work! Warmly, Chelsea

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