Key #7 – Repurpose Content to Maximise your ROI

Repurposing content is my favourite topic and my top key to solving the content marketing problem because it maximises your return on investmentRepurpose your content

‘Content’ takes many different forms including videos, webinars, audio, articles, slides and eBooks and can be written or spoken. ‘Copy’ is always written and includes website copy, email copy, advertising copy and sales copy for printed or digital media.

Too many businesses have only ‘copy’ and no true ‘content’ according to one of my favourite authors, The Content Coach, Sarah Schwab. Sarah says some marketing authorities recommend publishing 5 pieces of valuable content for every 1 piece of sales copy. If you only offer copy then you risk your audience tuning out to your message. That’s why content is so central to building relationships and loyalty with your market.

Repurposing is necessary because so much content is required to fuel your marketing plan today.

Before, it was enough to generate website content and some printed content but now that content is being pushed out to multiple social media channels as well as videos, blogs, emails, audio, webinars and more.

What if there was one way to create multiple forms of content at the same time? Hit the magic switch and you have a video, a blog, a webinar, an e-newsletter, a media release, a website article and multiple social media posts!

There may not be a magic switch but it’s possible.

You can focus on creating one piece of GREAT content that allows your audience to connect with your brand and repurpose it into other forms.

You don’t have to produce every type of content there is. You can choose the medium that works best for you. For instance, if you choose to create a video, you can have it transcribed into a written article. If you write a great blog, you can turn that into an email, an eBook, a media release, a video, a slideshow, an infographic or a webinar.

That’s the idea behind repurposing your content.

“We need to create the minimum amount of content for the maximum amount of impact. It’s never about more. It’s about the right mix, to the right audience, that leads to the right behaviour change. As a content marketer, we should always be thinking about the content we SHOULD NOT be creating. Somewhere along the line, I think we fell into the trap of thinking that more is mandatory. It’s not.” – Content Marketing Institute Founder Joe Pulizzi

“Repurposing old content is great for your readers and for SEO.” – Kate Toon, Recipe for SEO Success. Kate gives great tips for how you can spruce up your old blog posts and turn them into evergreen content on her website.

Evergreen content stays relevant and useful long after it’s published and covers a topic in depth – for example, FAQ’s, how-to articles and tutorials. You can keep directing your audience back to your evergreen content in your regular marketing communications including your social media posts.

How do you choose what social media channels to use for your business? Next post I’ll be sharing my summary of 8 top social media platforms in Australia and how you can use them to reach your market.

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