Use your book as a platform

As an author, before you invest substantial time and money in the writing, publishing and promotion of your book, you need to plan how you intend your book to work for you as a sales and marketing, revenue-generating tool.

Most authors don’t get rich from the sales of their book. That’s why it’s so important to view your book as a platform that works for you by:


  • Positioning you as an authority in your field,
  • Opening the door to other promotional opportunities such as speaking engagements, 
  • Boosting sales of your other products and services, and
  • Giving you content to re-purpose into other products you can sell at a higher price.

These are just some of the ways you can use your book as a marketing tool for your business. And that’s why I’m so passionate about books. A good book gives you the kind of credibility money can’t buy – similar to how publicity works to establish you as an authority.

US book publicist and publisher Rick Frishman says before you write a non-fiction book, make a long list of all the ways you can use that book as a springboard to other products and services. “Too many authors view the book as the end product. Then, if the book doesn’t sell, they’re stuck,” Rick said. He and other successful book authors and publishers know that books need to upsell readers to other products and services. 

Two years ago I heard Rick speak at a book marketing conference in LA where many book experts such as Alex Mandossian talked about how you can repurpose your book content for CDs, DVDs, workbooks, courses and seminars. 

The fact is there is more money to be made in how you can re-purpose your information than there is in book royalties and sales.

Smart authors view their book as a platform with an end purpose in mind to drive awareness towards their real reason for writing their book in the first place.

Yours in book publicity

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2 thoughts on “Use your book as a platform

  1. Splendid book marketing idea!

    Ideas sell. Readers will always find favor and value of authors who are able to articulate well why their book matters. Make no mistake about it: Books are merely the material means which contains the sell-able ideas, the genre notwithstanding. The real “action” is with the authors.

    Indeed, authors need to re-think and reconsider their books as mere end products of their creative abilities than a necessary means to further promote and campaign for awareness of their works. Now, this may be a sort of a philosophical cliché, but authors really have to treat their works not as ends by themselves but as beneficial, promising platforms that will usher further opportunities to get connected with their market readers.

    And, once authors transcend this sort of psychosocial marketing limitation, their books will start selling.

  2. The point about using a book as a platform is a useful one.An author is constantly putting together a profile and expanding on it with every web page and book-related initiative. You comments are insightful.

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