Get New Leads While You Sleep with an Online Sales Funnel


Do you want more highly qualified leads to boost your sales but not sure exactly how to go about it? Do you also need help finding your target market online? I can help you find new, highly qualified leads while you sleep.

First, I’ll find your audience online using highly targeted Facebook ads. 92% of social marketers use Facebook ads in their campaigns because they’re highly effective.

Facebook is like a second Internet where you can find your audience.  About 80% of Internet users are on Facebook and, unlike the Internet or Google, you can use Facebook to find your target prospects for you.

But, if not done correctly, Facebook advertisers have a negative return on their investment. Don’t waste your marketing budget.

Reach your target audience by setting up your Facebook ads the right way so you get highly-targeted leads from your online sales funnel.

You need to get your prospects OFF social media and ONTO your email list.

Most businesses are using email marketing the wrong way and crushing their database with really bad email… If you’re going to use email you’ve got to use it properly.

That’s where I can help. First, we can set up your Facebook ads to reach your target audience. Then, we can use those ads to help grow your database.

Let me help you use email the right way to build relationships with your prospects that convert to sales.

You’ll need to offer a lead magnet to entice people to give you their email address. This could be as simple as offering more information. Then you can add your prospect to your email list to keep them informed.

The reality is, sometimes new leads take a while to convert. But it’s critical that you have a consistent social media and email campaign to build trust and relationship with your prospects.

Connecting with your audience on social media and with emails is so important because it’s the connection that leads to relationships that leads to trust that leads to sales.

If you want help with your social media and email marketing, I can give you reliable and affordable guidance and support.  Together we can create a marketing strategy that, when actioned consistently, gets results. Contact me to see how we could work together today.

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