Author and naturopath Jason JacksonMaking Babies:

“When my book Making Babies was launched in 2009, Chelsea secured interest from A Current Affair for my first TV interview. But after several weeks of preparing to set up filming, nothing happened. Mornings with Kerri-Anne was also interested in the first interview, so this was my first TV appearance and it was quite an experience. As well as the interview on Mornings with Kerri-Anne, there were stories in The Courier Mail, the Sunday Mail, Take 5 Magazine, Sunday Life, Options, B magazine and Australian Natural Health. There was also news about the book on radio and in local newspapers. To get onto websites like Bub Hub, Femail and Natural Parenting, Chelsea created articles on various topics extracted from the book. She went beyond the brief to help set up a speaking engagement for my book launch at Endeavour College during Natural Medicine Awareness Week. After the campaign ended, Chelsea continued to follow up on stories and media interest that was pending from 17 media requests to review the book. There was no controlling the timing of the media, but now I have an author platform and media clippings to use in our future marketing. ”
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Jason Jackson – Naturopath and author of Making Babies www.makingbabies.net.au

Priceless Exchange Demi-Pair and Au-Pair Agency

andrea-pelikan-highres“Chelsea has helped me with marketing since we met in 2012. She creates engaging Facebook posts for my Priceless Exchange Page so I can give my audience regular informative and entertaining content. She also creates content for our website and blog and manages our email database and email marketing campaigns.

“In particular, Chelsea has helped us recognise that we don’t own our Facebook audience, so it’s important to get our audience off Facebook and onto our own database so we can build and control our relationship with them. She has also introduced us to opportunities to generate more leads using Facebook lookalike audiences. 

“In the past Chelsea has generated invaluable free media coverage for us in newspapers like The Daily Telegraph, the Gold Coast Bulletin and Gold Coast Sun. We use these editorials in our marketing to add credibility and third party endorsements to our brand.

“Chelsea truly is a woman of great talents and she definitely has the ‘know-how’ for social media, online marketing and PR. I would not know what to do without her and she is greatly appreciated!”Andrea Pelikan, owner of Priceless Exchange Demi-Pair and Au-Pair Agency

Healthy Inspirations Franchise

“As Publicist for the Healthy Inspirations franchise in Australia and New Zealand, Chelsea spent two years helping us generate national and regional media publicity and publishing a monthly e-newsletter. Her strength in editorial copywriting and pitching stories to the media formed a significant part of our marketing mix. Free, positive editorial publicity is by far one of our most effective marketing tools. We were elated when Chelsea got us free exposure on:

  • TV (Today Tonight, Mornings with Kerri-Anne, Brisbane Extra),
  • in magazines (including Woman’s Day, Take 5, Family Circle, Slimming & Health),
  • on radio (ABC and Macquarie Regional Radio), and
  • in major metropolitan daily newspapers throughout Australia.

“As well as doing national publicity, Chelsea worked individually with our franchisees to achieve regional media publicity in their areas and helped them generate their own publicity on an ongoing basis. She was also a key advisor in our efforts to steer and articulate our brand positioning. Unlike many people who call themselves marketing professionals, Chelsea is very well-read and she is constantly studying marketing and communications from the best speakers and authors. Chelsea is what I call ‘a winner’ and will have a great career because she is so interested in investing in her future. We hope that if she chooses to return to her profession she will invite us to become her client again.” – Jamie Hayes, Managing Director, Healthy Inspirations Franchise

Tailored Web Services 

“Engaging Chelsea McLean has been the best thing we’ve done in terms of our marketing strategy for a number of years. I love media coverage… It’s the perfect marketing technique! Media coverage gets you in front of your target market, usually for free. And people will check out your organisation, buy from you, visit you … Not because you’re the best (although you may be), but simply because they know of you.

  • I do a weekly radio show in my city.
  • I give speeches to various business and educational organisations.
  • And my business is featured occasionally in business magazines.

“All of those activities raised my profile and resulted in a lot of extra business for us. What could a few well-planned PR efforts do for your bottom line?” – Brendon Sinclair, Managing Director, Tailored Media

SheEntrepreneur Success Club Facebook Group

kylie-welsh-headshot“Chelsea managed my Facebook Group – SheEntrepreneur Success Club while I was taking leave of absence from my business over an 18 month period.  She created content to really engage my Facebook Group audience of 11,000 women in business using my voice – not an easy task for anyone. Chelsea meticulously studied through all my intellectual property for content ideas and to become my voice. She then devised a daily plan of content engagement and monitored these results back to me on a weekly basis. Chelsea also added in relevant new information from her own research as it was needed.

“I could not have been more pleased with her work.  She did a really great job of creating engaging posts that held my position as an expert and authority.  She would also respond on Facebook to questions and queries on my behalf and provided exceptional care and added value to our members in this process.  Our results improved dramatically because of this interesting, dynamic, consistent and regular interaction.

“Chelsea has been nothing but a dedicated professional in all my dealings with her.  I cannot recommend her work enough – she really is a wonderful asset for any business.’  Kylie Welsh, Founder, The SHEentrepeneur Success Club

New Business Media

When New Business Media (NBM) asked Chelsea McLean to manage the Facebook page for their client, allmedic Clinical Skin Repair, they worked together to grow the page and maintain an engagement rate that was consistently above the industry average.

“It’s been a pleasure, I think the results speak for themselves! They have more likes than all their major competitors and have gone from 30 to over 1000 likes!” – Adam Pasfield, Director, NBM for allmedic Clinical Skin Repair

In Shape Mummy Weight Loss Program

10614343_10154503561505655_3148814305612729940_n“Chelsea was recommended by a local marketing agency to help create content for the launch of In Shape Mummy’s online weight loss program. After participating in our strategic branding workshop, Chelsea contributed to the creation of the branding messages for our new website and content marketing. She recommended creating an opt-in gift for website subscribers and helped shape the title and content to appeal to new mums who want to lose weight.

“She also helped us create a series of welcome emails for new subscribers and members, as well as scripts for videos for both audiences. When we drafted a series of motivational articles, Chelsea improved each one by suggesting remarkable headlines and formatting the information so it’s more visually appealing and easier to read. She also helped us create an engaging content calendar for our new Facebook page with a mix of branded posts, interesting weight loss information, motivational quotes and entertaining imagery. 

“Chelsea also went above and beyond her brief by referring us to Facebook training workshops and webinars we benefited from attending together. She helped us create a sales funnel diagram to show the clear path for how we will find our members via our website landing pages, social media posts, opt-in gift, videos, emails, articles and other great content. We would absolutely recommend Chelsea to help a new brand create their content marketing.” Lisa Bergsma, Founder, In Shape Mummy

Author of Portion Perfection – Dietitian Amanda Clark Amanda Clark head & shoulders low res

“Several months before my self-published book Portion Perfection was released, I hired Chelsea to do the launch media publicity.  The results have been fantastic and hiring Chelsea was a great return on investment with over 5,000 copies of the Portion Perfection book sold in the first year, in addition to the Portion Perfection plate and bowl.

“I have been very happy with the level of coverage we received across all media including national TV with appearances on Sunrise, Mornings with Kerri-Anne, The Morning Show and Brisbane Extra, as well as radio, newspapers, magazines and online.

“Before each interview I always felt organised and Chelsea was there working away in the background, helping me prepare. Things have been going so perfectly and we’ve been having a dream run. Chelsea has really done a great job, and I know there is more to come.” – Amanda Clark – Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian, Great Ideas In Nutrition

Author of David’s Gift – Sally Thibault

“When I launched my first book David’s Gift, I was aware of the importance of media publicity to build my profile as an author. I knew this was the best way to generate credibility, but media publicity pushed my book sales further ahead faster than I expected, with pre-orders following a story in The Courier Mail before the book was even printed. Many orders also came directly from coverage on national TV programs, Today Show and The Circle, as well as from reviews and interviews in magazines and on radio. Now I plan to use the media coverage to add influence to my future marketing activities and speaking engagements. I can also generate ongoing publicity using the book media kit and media contact lists Chelsea created.

“Working with Chelsea really helped me gain momentum with my marketing. Chelsea was like my coach! Although I am a marketer, I had no idea of how many options were available, other than traditional media. Her attention to detail and focus in following up leads was wonderful and she kept me focused on achieving my goals for the launch of my book.” – Sally Thibault, author of David’s Gift

Author and Naturopath Jason Jackson Jason Jackson Low res colour

“When my book Making Babies was launched in 2009, Chelsea secured interest from A Current Affair for my first TV interview. But after several weeks of waiting to set up filming, Mornings with Kerri-Anne was also interested in the first interview, so this was my first national TV appearance.

“As well as the interview on Mornings with Kerri-Anne, there were stories in The Courier Mail, the Sunday Mail, Take 5 Magazine, Sunday Life, Options, B magazine and Australian Natural Health. There was also news about the book on radio and in local newspapers. To get onto websites like Bub Hub, Femail and Natural Parenting, Chelsea created articles on various topics extracted from the book.

“Chelsea went beyond the brief to help set up a speaking engagement for my book launch at Endeavour College during Natural Medicine Awareness Week. After the campaign ended, Chelsea continued to follow up on stories and media interest that was pending from 17 media requests to review the book. There was no controlling the timing of the media, but now I have an author platform and media clippings to use in our future marketing.” Jason Jackson – Naturopath and author of Making Babies

US Author Casey Conrad

Casey Conrad“In November 2006 I visited Australia for a two-week tour to give seminars around the country and generate media publicity to launch my new book Winning The Struggle To Be Thin. When I returned to the USA, I had a ready-made media kit I could use with examples of Australian interviews and media coverage. The tour gave me a testing ground for how the media would respond to the ideas in my book, as well as improving my media kit with real clippings of compelling stories. Doing an Australian book tour supported by media publicity is a great idea if you are launching a book and want to leverage international sales.

Chelsea did an awesome job of finding newsworthy angles and getting valuable, free editorial exposure for the book that gave me more credibility as an author. I had a constant stream of interviews wherever I went and also appeared on:

  • Australia’s leading morning TV program Mornings with Kerri-anne,
  • Australian Harper’s Bazaar magazine, and
  • on prime-time current affairs programs Today Tonight and Brisbane Extra.

“Thanks to Chelsea’s efforts, my US media kit is remarkable and book sales are increasing outside the US.” – Casey Conrad – US author of Winning the Struggle to Be Thin

Australian Author Scott Groves

Scott Groves“Chelsea saw a window of opportunity when school leavers’ OP scores were released to generate media publicity for my book, The Power of Subconscious Goal Setting. She thinks outside the box to come up with great hooks for stories that piggyback on what’s making news. A few magic moments came from it:

  • a story on Channel 9 news,
  • a full-page editorial in the Gold Coast Bulletin,
  • a radio interview on ABC Local Radio that has turned into a regular spot, and
  • an article in Life Gold Coast magazine.

“If you want a publicist who cares about how famous you become then I’d do more than recommend Chelsea, I would say call her NOW – before you miss out on getting to work with her full stop.” Scott Groves, Author, Speaker and Trainer

Sea World Resort Publicity

“Chelsea had some real successes in terms of publicity generated with stories appearing regularly in major women’s magazines, newspapers such as The Age, The Courier Mail and the Gold Coast Bulletin, as well as local radio and television.

“These activities made a major contribution to the ongoing process of maintaining top of mind awareness and gave credibility to the messages generated to the buying public through the Resort’s substantial advertising activities nationally.” – Director of Sales and Marketing, Sea World Resort

The Rocks and Darling Harbour Publicity

“The Chairman called this morning to commend the team on this month’s tenant newsletters. This praise is due largely to your efforts in coordinating editorial that is both interesting and relevant, delivering the finished product on deadline and applying your usual high standards of care and presentation to the end result. Keep up the excellent work!”  Communications Manager, Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority

Sydney By Sail

“I received a phone call from a researcher at The Great Outdoors who has decided to do a story on Sydney By Sail… This is all because of your enthusiastic suggestion of great ideas in the Darling Harbour area. So thanks Chelsea, this is great for Darling Harbour and Sydney by Sail. I appreciate your support.” – Managing Director, Sydney By Sail

National College of Business

“When we hosted Small Business Week at the National College of Business, Chelsea helped us identify media opportunities to promote the event and the college. The results exceeded our expectations with almost a full page story in the Gold Coast Weekend Bulletin and an in-depth interview on ABC Coast FM. Chelsea saw the opportunity to generate valuable, free media coverage and claimed it for us.” – Jon & Danyelle Mailer, Directors, National College of Business

Queensland Speakers & Entertainers

“Editorial has much more credibility than advertising and people are more likely to notice your message. But you can’t buy editorial… you need to create publicity opportunities by having something interesting to say and pitching it to the right journalists. Chelsea helped me do just that with some terrific results. She has secured exposure for us in both local and national media and is fabulous at advising me on what angles to look for on the way.” – Susie Christie, Managing Director, Global Speakers & Entertainers Pty Ltd

Calme Therapy

“We wanted editorial publicity to tell our story about a unique new treatment called Sound & Stone Therapy .We identified two local media to target – Life Gold Coast and Gold Coast Bulletin. Chelsea used her contacts to pitch our story and secure coverage in both. By chance, they appeared within the same week, so the timing was impeccable.” – Craig Howorth, Calme

Brisbane Extra TV program

“Hi Chelsea, Yes, the snacks story is definitely going to air tonight. A huge thank you once more for your wonderful help in pitching us the story, it has come up just a treat! If you ever have anything you think we may be interested in, don’t hesitate to send it my way, we always love new ideas. Thanks again!” – Melissa Mallet, Journalist/ Producer, Nine Network Australia

Gold Coast Bulletin Newspaper

“Thank you for your help arranging a few stories over the past few months. It has been wonderful to have someone ready, willing and able to be lined up at the last minute when deadline is looming. I appreciate your kind help.” – Jasmine Griffiths, Journalist

“10 out of 10. I’m extremely happy – just what I wanted… Well done and hope you can do lots more in the future. Your presentation was excellent too thanks Chelsea, much appreciated.” – Judy Dean, Special Features Coordinator

Midday with Kerri-Anne TV Show

“When Midday with Kerri-Anne was produced on the Gold Coast at Sea World, Chelsea McLean was assigned to assist me and other Midday crew for the week. During that time I found her to be professional and extremely pleasant. It was a joy working with her and I would recommend her for any position where she was responsible dealing with the general public and media.” – Tara Smithson, Segment Producer, Midday with Kerri-Anne

“We really appreciate all your hard work on our behalf. Thanks again Chelsea.” – Lyndal Marks, Executive Producer, Midday with Kerri-Anne

The Courier Weekly magazine

“Chelsea wrote a regular health and beauty column this year for Brisbane’s The Courier Weekly about ways to improve your health and wellbeing. Her articles were always well written, relevant, entertaining and submitted on time. We would recommend Chelsea as a freelance writer to any other media outlet and know she will go the extra mile to please your audience.” – Heidi Braithwaite, Editor, The Courier Weekly